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"Setting An Appointment" Sample Presentation

When making phone calls, always begin with the following sentence and BE PERSONABLE:

"Hi, I was looking for you on the internet and couldnít find you, I was curious to know ... what is your Web site address?"

If they answer that they do not have a Web site:
"Who takes care of your marketing? Normally I speak with the business owner, would that be you?" 
If no:
"Is ___________in the office today?"
Get the name and best time to call.

If the answer is yes or the Name of DM is given:
"I hope I didnít interrupt anything? I know youíre busy so Iíll make this quick. I am <insert your name> with <insert your company name> and I had a quick question for you Ö "(pause)
"If I could show you a way that your company could benefit by having an online presence, when would you be willing to spend 15-20 minutes on the Internet in the next few days?"

***Standard Answer to Any and All Questions***
If you know the answer is ďYESĒ, state a firm yes and then continue to set the appointment:
"Great question, our Web Specialist will cover that with you in detail at the time of the appointment."

To set the Appointment:
"What works best for you, mornings or afternoons?" OR "Are you least busy in the mornings or afternoons?" 

"I have an opening at _____ and ______, which is best for you?"
Give 2 time slots that they can choose from.

To solidify appointment:
"Now what I will do is have my corporate office put together an interactive Web site Package for your company at no cost or obligation."

"On <insert date> our Web Specialist will be on the phone and on the Internet with you at the same time."  

"Do you have a pen handy? Let me give you my number so you can call me if anything comes up and I will extend the same professional courtesy. O.K.?"

"Last question ... if you like everything you see, is there anyone else you would want to consult with before getting a site for your business?"

"If so, we would like them to be there in case they have a question that you canít answer ..."
Schedule a time and date that will enable all DMís to be included.

OR, if they say that they do have a Web site continue with:
"Great, and thatís www.__________?"   

**Write down the Web site address and the name of the owner should be in the site. Take a look at their Web site and call back in 1-2 weeks if it isnít top notch.

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