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Starting your WebCenter is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Now that your WebCenter is activated, we want to take a few moments to show you just how easy it is to ramp up your business into a successful moneymaker in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Build a couple demo sites
Many WCO’s feel a little intimidated by the thought of having to build a Web site on their own. Even though we tell you that it is easy, we have found over years that seeing is believing. This is why we recommend that you go into your WebCenter Admin, click on the “Build Website” tab at the top of the page and build a couple of practice sites right away. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will know first-hand how easy it is to fill-in the one-page form. All you need to do is add your customer’s contact information, select the industry layout, submit the site and you’re done.

Always check your work. To look at the finished product, click into the “Website Builder/Customer Admin” button on your WebCenter Admin page. There you can view each site, check its status (whether active, purchased or disabled), set its pricing, enable its map and extend its trial period. FYI, two of the most common errors we encounter are incorrect contact information and wrong industry selection. Always double-check the site before your appointment to avoid any problems during the walkthrough. It just takes a second and it will ensure that every presentation is as professional as possible.

Step 2: Check out your Sales Support page
It is also a good idea to acquaint yourself with your Sales Support options. Be sure to check out the heart of your new business: the Sales Calendar. Since this is where it all happens, having a good basic understanding of where everything is will help you set your appointments much more efficiently. And while you are there, why not customize your business cards and professional brochures to better advertise your business.

Step 3: Start setting appointments immediately!
Earn while you learn. We’ve found that hands-on experience is the fastest way to the top. Don’t spend a lot of time exploring every WebCenter component (that can be done in your spare time); instead, start setting appointments immediately. Remember if you do have a question, Customer Care is always available to help you Monday-Friday (7am-7pm PST) and Saturdays (8am-5pm PST).


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