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Using the Sales Calendar
The interactive Sales Support Calendar is one of the most essential pieces of the WebCenter. It allows you to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified Web site sales experts. At the time of the appointment we will contact you first, then conference your prospect in on a three-way call. We will then proceed to complete a thorough and informative Web site demonstration. We'll do everything from build value in the product to ask for the money and close the sale. We'll do it all, and best of all it's a FREE service to you!!! You can also keep track of all of your personal appointments in the Sales Support Calendar without them conflicting with your sales appointments.

The Sales Support Calendar can be accessed through the following steps:
  1. Go to the home page of your WebCenter.
  2. Depending upon the "skin" your WebCenter is wearing, login to the administration section of your WebCenter by clicking on one of the following links or buttons: "System Login", "Access Your Account" or "Login".
  3. Once logged in to the administrative section of your WebCenter click on the "Calendar" button.
  4. A new window will open with the calendar preferences window loaded. Before you can schedule any appointments you must set your calendar preferences and agree to the Sales Support Calendar terms of service. Once you have completed setting the preferences and agreeing to the terms of service, click the "Update Preferences" button. This will close the preferences window and reveal the Sales Support Calendar.

From here, you can now complete many different tasks. Here are some of the great features and tools included in the Sales Support Calendar.

**For help using the Sales Support Calendar feel free to contact Customer Care or click on the "?" in the Sales Support Calendar to launch the Sales Support Calendar help system.

  • Calendar View - Change your calendar view to see what appointment slots may be available. Choose from day, week or even month view to get an overview of exactly what is available.
  • Mini Calendar - Toggle between two or four month view for ease of navigation.
  • Event Ticker - Important news announcements and all of your scheduled appointments will be listed here in a scrolling ticker.
  • Event Wizard - We've combined all of the tools necessary to schedule a sales appointment through one convenient, user-friendly interface. In just a few simple steps, you'll be able to create a lead, build a site, schedule appointment time and set pricing.
  • Contacts - Keep track of your contacts even easier than before. Import and export contacts from information management applications similar to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Tasks - Import and export events, appointments and meetings from information management applications similar to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Leads - Keeps track of all your prospective customers and works in conjunction with the Event Wizard to schedule walkthrough presentations.
  • Notes - Electronic Post-it notes allow you to organize bits of information that don't need to be saved as a lead or contact.
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