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The Two-Question Approach!

The Two-Question Approach!
The #1 sure-fire way to become a consistent, successful WebCenter owner is to “Shake a Hand” and stick to the plan using the Two-Question Approach! 

Always be on the lookout for new prospects – you can find them anywhere. At a PTA meeting, running errands, at the mall … anywhere there is a small-to-medium business, you have a potential customer. Ask yourself if they have a need for a Web site, if they are financially able to purchase a site and if the Decision Maker is available to schedule an appointment. If the answers are “yes”, then act immediately. Jump right in with a handshake and the Two-Question Approach:

1. “Hi, what is your Web site address?”

2. “If I could show you a way to improve your business by using the Internet, when could you give me 20-30 minutes over the next few days?"

Don’t oversell it. Just set your appointment, be available for the walkthrough and then sit back and relax. The Web Specialist will do the Sales Presentation, handle the questions, objections and try to close the deal for you. If there’s a Follow-Up Call scheduled, be available for it and let your Web Specialist do the talking. It’s simple, easy and anyone can be a success at it.

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