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Introducing Businesses to the Internet

Business owners are always looking for cost-effective, turnkey solutions that will increase profitability without raising costs. Having a business Web site will make their business more competitive and efficient.

Dollars by Design Web sites are packed with tools and features that will help business owners increase revenue, decrease expenses, and provide their customers with a higher level of service and support.
Here are some examples of how your prospects will benefit from having a Web site:

Increase Revenue
¨ Open up a virtual storefront that creates an additional sales channel
¨ Sell products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
¨ Introduce new products to the market faster
¨ Compete with big corporations based on service, price, and quality
¨ Capture the impulse buyer
¨ Accept credit card orders online in real time
¨ Optimize existing advertising (add a .com name to ads directing customers to your dynamic, formative Web site)
¨ Expose your business to new markets you may not otherwise reach
¨ Establish credibility with potential customers

Decrease Expenses
¨ Create an additional, inexpensive form of advertising
¨ Automate the sales process
¨ Eliminate costs typically associated with expanding sales—employees, rent, utilities, insurance, etc.
¨ Display your entire inventory without increasing warehousing costs
¨ Drop ship products to reduce inventory levels
¨ Reduce dependency/money spent on traditional advertising media
¨ Update documents and manuals online in one centralized location
¨ Replace mass mail marketing campaigns with bulk e-mail
¨ Make your marketing efforts highly targeted and efficient

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