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How to sell Business Web sites?

Selling Business Websites
Selling websites with your Ma WebCenter couldn’t be easier … all you have to do is shake a hand and let us do the rest. Finding new, prospective customers in today’s fast-paced world has become easier than ever before.  There are now so many different ways to get out there and “shake a hand” that you shouldn’t have any problems finding fifty or even one hundred potential customers each and every month. 

"Shake a Hand"
Now when we say “shake a hand”, we’re describing any activity where you use your exceptional people skills to introduce yourself and your remarkable Web site product to a new prospect.  Although you may not realize it, you encounter great opportunities to “shake a hand” and find new prospective customers every single day.

How many times have you walked into a store or office and actually seen the company’s URL prominently displayed for customers and visitors?  Hardly ever!  This is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the business owner and share your knowledge of the Internet and e-commerce to help them understand why they need a Web site.

It's all in the family
How about your cousin from Charlotte that just started his own plumbing business?  You want him to succeed, don’t you?  Why not use your expertise in online marketing and advertising to help ensure that his business does well.  Just give him a call and let him know that when he gets a site (and he WILL get a Web site at some point in time), you’ve got a multi-million dollar Web site solution you can give him a great deal on.

Shop for prospects at your local mall
What about local strip malls and shopping centers?  You are almost guaranteed to find dozens of small- and mid-sized businesses that don’t have a Web site yet.  The best part is that many of these businesses have already looked into buying a site in the past, but just ran into the same problems that most small businesses have—expensive, inflexible Web sites that require way too much money month after month to keep them fresh and up-to-date.  Fortunately for them, you have a cost-effective Web site solution that encompasses everything they need to develop a professional, successful online presence, complete with e-commerce functionality.

Let your fingers do the walking
What about the 22.9 million businesses all across the United States?  Just open up a phone book for any city in the country, and you have instant access to thousands of businesses that need your help getting online!  If you come across an ad in the Yellow Pages that doesn’t have a URL posted in the ad, you’ve just found a business willing to spend money to promote itself, and in desperate need of a Web site.

Anyone that is serious about the long-term success of their business should be able to see the value in owning a Web site.  If you want to get them thinking about buying a site before you approach them, use this little trick to plant a seed and create a need: 

Call the business posing as a customer and ask them for their Web address. When they say they don’t have a Web site, say something like:

“Really?!  That’s too bad.  I am looking for a part for my sprinkler system, and I was just trying to do some quick comparison shopping from home.  I’ll just try Lawn and Garden Depot’s Web site.  Thanks, anyway.” 

When you contact them a few days later about your complete Web site solution, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting them to agree to a walkthrough presentation.

Still need more ideas on finding prospects? 
One of the easiest and most effective ways to find new prospects is through networking.  Just join a few different business or professional associations in your area, and you will literally find yourself surrounded by local business owners that are very interested in the services you offer. 

If you can deliver a great Web site at an even better price, your new customers will be more than happy to provide you with an almost endless stream of new business by referring their family, friends, and business associates.

Sell a Web site
Whether you found your new prospect in person, over the phone, by e-mail, or through regular mail, you can be confident that our Product Specialists will help you make the most out of every potential customer you have.  Our team of seasoned sales professionals have sold thousands of sites over the past few years, and they are just waiting to start selling Web sites for you! 

Every single one of our Product Specialists has received extensive training in Web site sales and marketing, and we make sure that they continue to study up on the latest trends developing on the Internet.  Our Web site sales experts are here to help coach you and teach you everything you’ll need to know to run a successful Web site sales and hosting business.  After you’ve listened to us close five or ten Web site deals for you, you’ll be ready to start selling Web sites on your own!

Scheduling the Appointment
If you want to put our powerful sales force to work for you, just log in to the administrative section of your WebCenter, and schedule an appointment in the online Sales Calendar.  With the newest version of the online appointment system, you can schedule a three-way conference call between you, your prospective customer, and one of our Product Specialists in just a few easy steps:

1. Create or use an existing lead
2. Build or use an existing site
3. Pick an available date and time
4. Confirm the contact information for you and your prospect
5. Set pricing
6. Confirm appointment scheduling and close

It’s that easy!  No extra phone calls to make, and no complicated scheduling software to learn.  The Sales Calendar combines all of the resources from our system and your WebCenter into one simple interface that makes scheduling appointments a breeze.

The Sales Presentation
When the appointed day and time arrives, one of our Web site sales professionals will call you up for a brief consultation before conferencing in your prospective customer.  All you have to do is introduce your Product Specialist to the prospect, then just sit back, relax, and get ready to take notes as we take your prospect on a tour of our amazing Web site management platform. 

Throughout the sales call, our highly trained salespeople will ask the prospect a series of probing questions to help them identify existing problems and needs that a Web site will help the business owner solve.  This important process allows us to customize the walkthrough presentation and focus on the tools and features in the software that will be most relevant to the prospect’s business. 

After the Product Specialist has finished showing your prospect the features and benefits of our Web site software, they will help your new customer get their new Web site activated and close the deal for you.  If they happen to have any objections, we’ll make sure to address all of their questions and concerns; if they have issue with the retail price you are charging for the site, we’ll even negotiate the cost for you! 

We will do everything we possibly can to help them see the tremendous value in our Web site solution, and understand why a Web site is so important to the future success of their business.  If our Product Specialist can’t convince them to purchase the site at that time, they will continue to follow up with your prospect—no matter how many calls it takes—until they win them over as a new customer for you! 

Using our experienced, professional Sales Support team to help sell sites for you is probably the best way to learn about the business of Web site sales and marketing.  Each time we sell another site for you, you’ll become more and more comfortable with the entire sales process, AND you’ll be making money at the same time!

As a WebCenter owner, you can continue to use the “Earn while you learn” success system as long, and as often, as you want.  Try to schedule an appointment in the Sales Calendar before the end of the month, and let us show you how easy it is to make money selling Web sites!

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