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How to Overcome Objections when selling a Web site

Think of objections as buying signs.  When your prospect says things like “I’m not ready”,  “I’m not interested”, or “I have to think this over”, what they’re really saying is “I’m still trying to understand how this will help my business.”  Don’t take objections personally, and don’t give up.  As long as the prospect hasn’t hung up, they are still interested. All they are really looking for is a little reassurance. The best way to comfort them is by showing them exactly how owning a Web site will help them.
The big question is how do you know just which features to stress when pitching your Web site? You will find that your client’s objections are a fantastic source of information. Think of it as an itemized list of things you need to address in order to close the sale.

Objections are a natural part of the sales process.  Each objection provides you with an opportunity to ease the prospect’s doubts, thus moving them one step closer to buying. Also, by addressing their concerns up front, you raise your credibility and trustworthiness in their eyes. On the other hand, if you are indirect or evasive about their concerns, they may think you don’t care (or worse) have something to hide. Your best course of action is to respond to the objections as best you can and then immediately resume the sale process. 

Your best course of action is to use “Test Closes” to anchor that specific objection down to a “Yes.”  Here are some examples of test closes given in the Sample Walkthrough section:

Objection:  “I’m not interested!”
Response:  “A lot of people have said that, but after I had an opportunity to show them how our program would help them expand their business and save money in advertising expenses … well, let’s just say they had a change of heart.”

**This is a good time to focus on what type of business the prospect is in and what specific features would best benefit him.

Objection:  “I already have a Web site.  I’m not really interested.”
Response:  “I understand that you already have a Web site and that’s exactly why I’m talking with you today.  My name is <your name>; I’m an Internet Business Consultant with <your company name>.  We recognize the multiple challenges that small- to mid-sized businesses like yours are faced with when establishing a Web presence. Our Web site management platform was designed with special tools and features to help you meet those challenges.  Most Web developers only offer these tools as expensive extras, but we have included them in all our Web sites as standard features.”

**This is a good time to have the prospect log on to the site and highlight the site’s extra features and support by taking a tour.

Objection:  “I need to think about it.  I’ll call you later if I want it.”
Response:  “Honestly <customer name>, when someone tells me something like that, it usually means one of two things: either they don’t’ see the value in how the Web site will help their business, or it’s just too much money right now.  Which is it in your case?”

**This is a pretty good indication that they are hiding the real reason from you and are throwing up a smoke screen to prevent detection.  Ask specific questions to pin the customer down and you will be able to overcome this objection.

Objection:  “I don’t have time!”
Response:  “”What I am offering you is the opportunity to increase your bottom line.  I’m sure you’ll agree that any time spent learning how to make money for your business is productive and time well spent.  Let me show you what I mean.”

**This is a good time to transition into benefits.

Objection:  “I’m not ready yet!”
Response:  “What is that you are not ready for? (No pause) Finding a better way to service your customers?  Making more money for your business?  Creating dynamic, new component to your advertising efforts?  I’m lost—please help me understand.  <Customer’s name> that’s why I’m calling you.  As a matter of fact, while we’re here talking, you could be generating money from your Web site.”

**This is a good time to transition into benefits.

Objection:  “I have been burned before.”
Response:  “Let me guess, you had a company or person build a Web site for you, but they went out of business before they finished your site? You’d be surprised at how often this happens. The major difference with our Web sites is that we put all the power in your hands.  You don’t have to wait on someone else to build your site or make changes to your site. What’s more, we can have your new Web site up and running in a matter of minutes, and you can start making changes on it today. If you sit down and take a look at what our software can do for your business, I’m confident that you’ll see the benefits of what I am offering you.  It’s a free demo—what do you have to lose?”

**Transition into setting up an appointment.

Objection:  “I had a Web site and never got any business from it!”
Response:  “That’s where our system will really help you.  Not only do we give you the ability to quickly get an industry-specific site up and running, but we also give you tools to help you advertise your online presence and help potential customers find the site.  Part of the software that’s built into your site is the Site Promotion Tool that will ensure your customers and potential customers find you on the Internet.”

**This provides a natural transition into the Site Promotion Tool.

Objection:  “We don’t see the need for a Web site.”
Response:  “Other business owners like you initially said the same thing before I had a chance to show them how much a Web site can affect their business. My goal is to show you how to reach the Internet market and to open up your company’s ability to make online sales.  How do you currently market your product/service?”

**Listen for hot buttons and use those to show them benefits.

Objection:  “I am a small business and only have a service, not a product.”
Response:  “One of the greatest things about the Web is there are no small businesses.  There is no difference between you and a Fortune 500 company.  As for being in a service industry, this site can be used for advertising, selling those services 24/7, customer care and collections.  <Customer Name>, a lot of my clients initially felt the same way you do.  Let me tell you how a Web site has positively mpacted their businesses.  Their site made them more visible, it gave them instant credibility with new customers, and it gave them added convenience in reaching and serving their existing customer base.”

**Transition back into closing the sale.

Objection:  “I developed my site myself, so I don’t need any help.”
Response:  “I’m glad to hear that you recognize the importance of being online.  When we were developing our software, we included some extra features for more advanced users like you.  Our Web sites give you complete control and flexibility in building and administering your site. We’ve also integrated features to help address some of the challenges that you may face in the future — like generating traffic by effectively submitting to the search engines and the ability to take orders from your customers online.”

**This is a good time to transition into Site Promotion Tool or E-Commerce.

Objection:  “A friend of mine is going to build me a Web site.”
Response:  “I am sure your friend is going to want you to consider all of your business options so that you can make the best possible decision regarding your Web presence. Just to give you something to compare it with, let’s take a look at what our package offers.  One of the benefits of our program is that once the site is up and running, you won’t have to rely on your friend to maintain the site for you.  You will be able to do it yourself with the point-and-click of a mouse.”

**You need get the prospect on your side and at least consider other options.  Do this by getting into features and benefits, and then addressing how their friend will accomplish these goals.

Objection:  “I still don’t know if we can afford this right now.”
Response:  “<Customer Name>, you can’t afford not to do this for your business.  Believe me when I say that you are in a very unique situation right now.  My company is prepared to offer you a top-of-the-line Web package – complete with everything you will need to create a successful Web site and no hidden costs.  We are giving you complete technical support, software upgrades and thousands of dollars in additional software (like e-commerce) -- all built into your Web site.  It even has built-in advertising!  This is a win-win situation for you and your business.  Take advantage of this offer now, <Customer Name>, and I promise you’ll be calling me down the road with a big ‘Thank you!’”

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