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How to do Test Closes when selling Web sites

Test closes (also referred to as temperature takers) are special questions that help determine if your prospect is ready to move forward in the sales process. Test closes are used during your presentation to establish that you and the customer are on the same page. Use test closes after you’ve had a chance to go through the initial walkthrough demonstration, and try to start developing a “yes” pattern. For example:

¨ “Do you see how simple and easy this software is to use?”
¨“Will you be targeting local customers only or will you be advertising to the entire world?”
¨ “Will you be making the changes to your site yourself or will you have an assistant do it for you?”
¨ “Do you see yourself using this site for informational purposes or for increasing sales?”
¨ “How often will you be making changes to this site – daily, weekly or monthly?”
¨ “Do you see the benefit to having a second virtual storefront without all the overhead and expense
    of renting a building?”
¨ “How would the majority of your customers pay for your products online, with a credit card or by e-check?”
¨ “How soon will you need your site up and running so you can start making changes?”
¨ “Which key words would you use to describe your business?”
¨ “What domain name will you be using for your site? Do you own a dot com address?
¨ “Who in your office besides yourself will be working with our tech support department?"

Assumptive Close
"What is your physical address? Is your billing address the same? Let me give you my direct number and our unlimited toll free tech support number which I will also e-mail or fax as well. We do everything in writing …"

"What is your e-mail and fax number so I can make certain you have the breakdown of everything we discussed in writing? Now once I activate the website solution, I will have everything set up so that you can go in and start creating your site with our Tech Support in as little as 30 minutes from now."

"Would you like to float this on a credit card or would a check be best? Once we complete this process, do me a favor and print the break down of charges for your records."

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