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Tools and Features Overview

Your WebCenter is jam-packed with a plethora of tools and features that make building your Web site sales and hosting business a breeze.  Below is an overview of these tools and features:

3 Steps to Setting an Appointment – We have put together all of the pieces for you to get your Web site sales and hosting business off the ground.  Use this guide to educate yourself on how to get your prospect to agree to an appointment and use the Sales Support team to sell the site for you. This is the foundation of the "Shake a hand" sales technique.

Web site Builder/Customer Administration - From this section of the WebCenter Admin you are able to build new Web sites, set pricing for set up of the site, and change financing options for your customers.  For your convenience, you can login to the Administration section of the sites you build, with one click and you don't even need to know the user name and password.

WebCenter Modifier – This section has a whole slew of features and tools to help you administer your WebCenter.  They breakdown as follows:

  • Edit personal info – Customize the header of your WebCenter with this tool by entering all of your contact information.
  • Upload your picture – Personalize your WebCenter header by uploading your own picture.  It can be a picture of yourself, your company logo or anything you want your prospects to identify your business with.
  • Register your domain – Register a unique domain name to point to your WebCenter.  A domain is shorter and easier to navigate to than your temporary WebCenter URL.  It also gives your WebCenter the name brand recognition that you are looking for.
  • Change your password – We use the same 128-bit data encryption standard on the Internet today.  For your convenience we offer you the ability to change your password, any time you want, without having to contact Customer Care.  We also utilize a special hint question and answer to provide an added layer of security to your WebCenter.  This is used to confirm your identity when you contact Customer Care.
  • Flash Animation Tool – You can enable a visually stunning splash landing page for your WebCenter with this tool.  Your visitors will be amazed at the level of intricacy and marveled by your design sense.
  • Set default product pricing – Use this tool to set the pricing that all sites built from your WebCenter will default to.  Set the price higher than your normal target price so that you can leave room for negotiations.
  • Submit to search engines – Want to have your hosting business listed in Google, Yahoo, Netscape, AOL and the like?  Use this tool to submit your WebCenter to the most popular search engines and directories on the Internet.

Sales Support - The Sales Support section of your WebCenter contains additional materials to help you promote and develop your Web site business.  Included in these tools are:

  • Brochures – Choose from four different glossy sales brochures to help you promote your Business Web site hosting businesses.  These brochures are print-ready and can be customized with the addition of your contact information.  Pass them out to all of your prospects.
  • Business cards – It couldn’t get any easier to create a business card.  Just choose from any of the four different business card layouts, input your contact information and Voila! our system will generate a business card for you that is print-ready.  Get them printed and you’re in business.
  • Sales Calendar – The interactive Sales Support Calendar is one of the most essential pieces of the WebCenter. It allows you to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified Web site sales experts.  At the time of the appointment, we will contact you first, then conference your prospect in on a three-way call.  We will then proceed to complete a thorough and informative Web site demonstration.  We’ll do everything from build value in the product to ask for the money and close the sale.  We’ll do it all, and best of all, it’s a FREE service to you!!!
  • Features and Benefits guide – This .pdf document is the best way to get a brief overview of all of the features and benefits that our Web site development platform has to offer.  Just print them out, give them to all of your prospects and let them see for themselves exactly what you have to offer.
  • Chargeback guidelines – Chargebacks are an unfortunate part of doing business, especially on the Internet. This tool will arm you with a means to fight chargebacks.  The documents were created by credit card and electronic check processing companies to ensure that you provide them with all of the ammunition you can -- to help fight a chargeback.  Make sure to submit one of these for each of your Web site sales.

WebCenter Reports - The Sales Reports section of your WebCenter allows you to monitor the various transactions being processed through your WebCenter.  Each report provides you access to real-time accounts of Website sales, monthly hosting fees, sold domain names, and chargebacks/credits that have occurred during a specified period of time.  These reports are a valuable source of information to help you track the success of your Web site sales business.

Build Web site – This build form utilizes our rapid construction technology.  Choose from hundreds of layouts that have been designed for specific industries.  All of the layouts contain industry specific text and images or you can go with a generic layout and populate it with industry specific text.

Site Features – Your WebCenter has been specifically created to be able to conduct business for you while you are out of the office, on vacation or even sleeping.  The Site Features section will educate your prospects on all of the finer points of your Web site development platform.

Quick Start Guide – Once you have built a site for a prospect, they are bound to have questions.  They are welcome to contact our Customer Care group anytime Monday – Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PST.  If your prospect is more of a do-it-yourself kind of client, we have a very comprehensive online guide that can walk them through anything they may have questions about.

Domains – You have an additional revenue stream available right from the public area of your WebCenter.  Anyone in the world can visit your WebCenter and purchase a unique domain name from you without ever even speaking to you.  You’ll see these domain sales in your WebCenter reporting area under domain purchases.

System Login – Feel confident logging into our system, which utilizes the standard 128 bit encryption and https protocol for transferring your login credentials to our servers securely.

Test Drive – Your clients can visit their site quickly and easily without having to remember a long website address by using this great feature.  Just enter a site name, click the “Go To Site” button and they will be redirected right to the home page of their demo site.

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