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Features and Benefits

Upload Files Tool: This feature gives Web site owners the ability to upload multiple files, including HTML files, and up to 100 images at one time.
Benefits: The Upload Files Tool saves a tremendous amount of time. Uploading files and images can be extremely time-consuming and generally has to be done one image at a time. For a Web site owner that has several images to add to their online catalog or portfolio, this high-speed upload capability is a necessity.
Chat Room Tool: The Chat Room Tool gives the site owner the ability to set up an online chat room for customers or visitors on the Web site.
Benefits: This is a very effective way for Web site owners to establish personalized relationships with their customers. It opens up a direct line of communication and provides great opportunities for customer relationship management. Web site owners can have scheduled online real-time conversations about products, services or user feedback, increasing their brand visibility and obtaining valuable input from customers.
Image Editor Tool: The Image Editor Tool gives Web site owners the ability to enhance Web site images by adding borders, frames and text quickly and easily. Users may select colors for their modifications from a diverse color palate that has been included for their convenience.
Benefits: This gives the Web site owner significant creative and artistic freedom. Without this feature, the site owner would have to make changes to an image using expensive supplementary software programs and image uploads. This embedded capability saves the Web site owner a tremendous amount of time by enabling them to make modifications to the same image over and over after the initial upload.
Site Promotion Tool: This feature gives the Web site owner the ability to submit their Web site to several of the major search engines simultaneously, simply by clicking a button. The Dollars by Design Site Promotion Tool gives step-by-step instructions on how to enter the information that will be submitted, and it even retains the information for future submissions.
Benefits: Other than word-of-mouth, the primary way retail shoppers find a Web site on the Internet is by using a search engine. By effectively and consistently submitting Web site business information to the search engines, a site can significantly improve its chances for obtaining and maintaining a favorable search ranking. Without this tool, site owners are left with two unattractive options: 1)Purchasing expensive software that will assist in the submission process or 2) Hiring another company to submit their Web site for additional monthly fees. For no extra charge, the Dollars by Design Web site Solution includes a complete set of tools to assist with the initial submission to search engines, and to resubmit in a matter of seconds.
Filing Cabinet: The Filing Cabinet is where the Web site owner can store internal files that are not to be made available to customers. This filing cabinet is like a remote hard drive: the site owner can store information in the cabinet and access it from remote locations. The Filing Cabinet also provides access to the image library, and includes advanced functions like creating and operating password-protected directories, and copying, moving or deleting selected files.
Benefits: Having a "remote hard drive" allows the Web site owner to store unused items (i.e., seasonal products, promotional items and documents) for retrieval at any time, without taking up any additional storage space on their system.
Contact Manager Tool: Much like an online Rolodex, the Contact Manager Tool lets the Web site owner organize and manage contact information for their customers, business associates, and suppliers. Users can manually input contact information, or have contacts added automatically through the Feedback form on the Web site. Once the Contact Manager is populated with contact information, the site owner can create mailing lists to e-mail customers about upcoming sales or promotions.
Benefits: By utilizing this tool, Web site owners can generate customer alert systems to inform existing customers of promotions or new products. In addition, the Web site owner has the ability to schedule events or appointments and create a "To Do" list for assistance in managing day-to-day activities.
Statistics Tool: The Statistics Tool provides the Web site owner with important information to help them statistically track the traffic visiting their site.
Benefits: This Dollars by Design Web site tool enables the site owner to monitor very specific information about site traffic - information that goes beyond just the basic number of hits the site has received. Web site owners can track site and page hits per day or per week, the most recent visitors to the site, and which search engines those visitors came from. This data allows Web site owners to objectively evaluate their online marketing efforts, and make informed decisions about their Web site’s performance: how effective their online advertising has been, which search engines are responsible for a majority of their traffic, which pages are receiving the most attention, etc.
E-Commerce Tools: This comprehensive set of tools includes all of the components necessary to help site owners build a fully functional e-commerce Web site: establishing a merchant account, selecting which payment methods they will accept, establishing their shipping and handling parameters, entering appropriate tax rates, checking outstanding orders, and customizing their shopping cart.
Benefits: E-commerce functionality allows your customers to conduct business online with their new Web site. Very few Web developers can offer all of these tools to their clients, and the few that can charge thousands extra just to add shopping cart software. The robust Dollars by Design e-commerce package gives your customers the power to get online and start making money today.
Technical Support: All Dollars by Design Web site owners have unlimited use of our Technical Support team to assist with the Web site modification process. Technical Support is not intended to build the site for the Web site owner, but with the user-friendly Dollars by Design Web site tools, this is generally not an issue. Any time users have questions about how their site operates, they can call in to Technical Support or use our live, online Java Chat Tool, Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Standard Time.
Benefits: Normally, Web site owners must pay a professional Web developer, often on an hourly basis, to build their Web site or assist with the development of the site. Dollars by Design does not charge WebCenter licensees to use our knowledgeable, professional Technical Support staff. As the Web site owner’s business evolves or changes, their Web site should have the capability of evolving as well. This means that the Web site owner's site will constantly be changing and potentially will never be "finished." The technical support provided with the Dollars by Design Web site Solution gives the site owner the peace of mind that if they ever need help, they will be able to get it. The functionality of the Web site Administration is so easy to use that after a site owner is walked through a process once or twice, they will feel comfortable making changes on their own. The convenience and availability of technical support takes the fear out of building and maintaining the Web site.
Easy Site Modification: The Dollars by Design Web site Solution converts simple point-and-click instructions into HTML. All Web site changes are made instantly, and even while changes are being made, the Web site is never "under construction."
Benefits: It is unnecessary for the Web site owner to have previous programming experience or learn any programming languages. If they have the ability to turn on a computer, follow instructions, and a desire to have a successful Web presence, they will not have a problem with the Dollars by Design Web site Solution.
No one can compete with our WebCenter package!
Most Web development companies or hosts can only provide a few of these features in a single, reasonably priced package. In order to truly have the same capabilities as the Dollars by Design Web site Solution, a Web professional would need to develop the site piece by piece (and probably outsource work on some of the more advanced tools and features). This can be very frustrating and costly for small- to mid-sized businesses that want to buy a Web site.

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