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Walkthrough Sample Presentations

Option 1
"First of all, do you have a pen and notepad available? I’d like you to write down the temporary address to your Web site. Also, while we’re going through the demo, jot down any questions you have so we can address them at the end of our call.

The address is: After you have that written down, go ahead and type it into the address bar at the top of your screen. Let me know when you see the first page coming up." (Proceed to FLASH PAGE)

Option 2
Give them your WebCenter’s URL (.com address). "You are now going to our home page, <Prospects Name>. While this is coming up, let me explain what you’re going to see. We have incorporated a number of business resource tools for your company to take advantage of.

These are divided into several elements, which include a comprehensive e-commerce business package, site promotion tools, a contact management system, and even statistical tracking. We’ll discuss these in a few minutes when we get into the back end of the Web site. Has that page come up yet?" (Wait for positive response)

"Click on the button on the left side of your page that reads ‘Test Drive Your Demo Site.’ At the top of the next page you will see, ‘Congratulations on your new Web site.’ Do you see that? Great! Where it says ‘To visit the site, just type your sitename into the box below,’ type (the sitename you created) in the box right below that. Now click on ‘go to site.’"

"The first page you will see coming up here is a Flash presentation. One of the things a lot of companies are doing today is trying to enhance the initial impact of their Web site. On the average, most companies will spend up to $2000 for 10 seconds of Flash animation.

One of the tools we built into the back end of your Web site is a Custom Flash Editor, which will allow you to customize your Flash presentation by putting in your logo, pictures, text, or even changing the music. The best part about the Flash tool is that it’s included with our site at no additional cost! Most Web developers charge extra for features like this. The Flash intro should have taken you right into the Home page of the site; if not click on ‘Enter’ and we’ll continue."

*If the customer indicates "my screen is black" or "my computer locked up", this means their computer may have a slow connection. Tell them to hit the text link labeled "Page not visible? Click here."

"This is your Home page, where you will want to capture your potential customer’s interest. Your multipage Web site is live on the World Wide Web right now. Everything you see is 100% customizable — the text, images, background, buttons, colors, all of it. In fact, you can even add extra pages to your Web site at no additional cost. You can customize the look and feel of every page in your site if you want."

"Before we get into the Administration section we built into the back end of the site, I’d like to show you a couple of features we have already included in here. Click on the ‘Feedback’ button on the top or left side of the page (give specific instructions; it will get your prospect in the habit of following your lead).

This may look like your typical Feedback page—first name, last name, phone number—however, this form can also be customized to collect information you need from your customers. At the bottom of the screen you will see a button that says ‘Submit,’ do you see that? When your customers click on that button, you will receive this information via e-mail and in the back end of your Web site, you can store their information with the Contact Management Tool.

This tool organizes the e-mail addresses so that you can send bulk e-mails to large groups of people all in one easy step. (Give an example here that is specific to that industry) I will show you where you can retrieve messages in just a minute.

Now go up to the top of the page and click on the ‘Contact Us’ button."

*Depending on which industry you are approaching, you should walk the prospect through a few different industry-specific pages on the Web site. Be sure to make the connection between the tools you show the prospect and how those tools can benefit their business.

"As you can see on this page, we included a few options for your customers to contact certain departments or individuals within your company. Remember, everything you see here is customizable with the point-and-click of a mouse, so you can adjust these to read however you’d like.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will also see where we’ve included a map from MapQuest right on your site. This will be an incredibly convenient way for your customers to find you. When your customers click on the ‘Get Directions’ option just below the map, this will give them the ability to type in their own physical address and get detailed driving directions to your front door. Isn’t that wonderful?

By the way, this tool is also included at NO ADDITIONAL COST. If you were to add this feature to a Web site already on the Net, you’d be looking at anywhere from $300 to $600."

"Now, let me show you how simple it is to customize the look and feel of your Web site. At the very top of the page you will see a black bar; click on ‘Modify Site’ for me if you would, please.

When your prospect gets to this section they will see one of two things:

If you have already set up a user name and password, they will see the user name already filled in. At this point they will just have to enter the password and click on ‘Login’.

If a user name and password have not been set up, they will have to enter a user name and password and then click ‘Create.’

When the next page comes up you will see Web site Editor on the top of the page. Are you there? Excellent! This is the section where you will be able to add pages to your Web site, change text, pictures, and basically customize virtually every aspect of the site with our point-and-click technology.

Before we go in and make any changes, I would like to show you some of the invaluable tools we have built in to our Web sites. You’ll see at the top of the page Edit Pages – Properties – Ecommerce – Change Web site and Tool Box; click on Tool Box for me, please.

You will see a new page open up in just a second. All of the tools you will see coming up are already built into your site. You have the ability to use any of these tools at no additional cost; they are already include in your monthly hosting/maintenance fee. This is where most development companies will nickel and dime you to death, but we’ve include these tools for free because they are vital to the success of your Web site.

As you scroll down you will see File Cabinet, which is where you will be able to view how much space your site is currently using.

Next, you will see Password Protection, for protecting pages within your Web site that only certain clients should be able to access. And remember, you will always have our professional Technical Support department to assist you in using any of these tools.

The next one down, Web site Statistics, in my opinion, is one of the most important tools for your site. Have you ever seen those hit counters a lot of people are putting on their Web sites today? We took that idea to the next level with this tool. The Web site Statistics Tool allows you to track how many people visited your site, which search engines they used to find you, and what pages they looked at on your site while they were there."

*If they do not currently have a site, move on to SITE PROMOTION TOOL

If the customer already owns a Web site:
¨ "How are you currently marketing your Web site?"
¨ "Do you submit your site manually (make note to discuss saving time) or do you pay a company to do it for you (make note to discuss saving money)?"
¨ "Are you able to effectively track your marketing efforts?" (Ask this question in order to plant a seed for further discussion on marketing analysis/statistics tool)
¨ "As you know [Customer Name], having a fully functional Web site is just the first step in selling online. Your site isn’t doing you any good if people are not able to find you on the World Wide Web! Our software was developed with the awareness that you need help marketing this site to
ensure your customers and potential customers find you on the Internet."
¨ "We have included a very simple tool that allows you to submit your Web site to all of the major search engines—Yahoo, Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos, AOL—in one easy step."
¨ "Let me show you how this tool is going to save you time and money in addition to giving you the power to drive traffic to your Web site." (Go to Site Promotion Tool demo)

If not using search engines:
¨ "Are you happy with the number of visitors you receive to your site?"
If yes: Some businesses do not need the benefits this tool has to offer. For example, a contractor who only services three different customers and uses a Web site for customer service would not benefit. If the customer gives a logical reason, go to Domain Tool discussion.

If No: "As you know [Customer Name], having a fully functional Web site is only the first step in selling online. Your site isn’t doing you any good if people are not able to find you on the World Wide Web! Our software was developed with the awareness that you need help marketing this site to ensure your customers and potential customers find you on the Internet.

The Dollars by Design engineers included a tool that allows you to submit your site to several of the major search engines, in one simple step. Let me explain why search engines are such an important part of having a successful Web presence." (Go to billboard discussion)

If the customer does not have a Web site:
¨ "[Customer Name], having a fully functional Web site is just the first step in making money online. A Web site isn’t doing you any good if people are not able to find you online. When developing this software, we were aware that site owners need help marketing their site and making sure that potential customers are able to fi nd them. The Dollars by Design engineers included a tool that allows you to submit your site to several of the major search engines in one simple step. Let me explain why search engines are an important part of having a successful Web presence." (Go to billboard discussion)

Billboard Discussion
"You are in [Customer’s State], right? What is the busiest freeway in [Customer’s State]? The (freeway name)? OK, think of your Web site as a billboard. Without a site promotion tool, that billboard is located on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. We are giving you a tool that allows you to take that billboard and move it to a busy section of the (freeway name) freeway. But we don’t stop there.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an interactive, multi-media presentation on a billboard located on the busiest stretch of the (freeway name) freeway? In fact, let’s have a traffic jam on that freeway, flooded with people who are ready to buy your product. Remember, your Web site is an animated billboard full of facts about your business.

Typically, people who go to your Web site via the search engines are not just browsing; they are buying customers who are actively shopping for your product or service. Your Web site will contain all of the information you want to present your customers with — much, much more than a real billboard or the Yellow Pages could ever hold.

Only a Web site can display the hours you are open, provide a thorough description of your products/services, list the prices of your most popular items, and even allow your customers to make a purchase from their home or office — even if you are closed for the day!

The search engines allow you to reach out and grab customers who are shopping for your service and drive them to your business.

Now that is just an illustration on how search engines work. But the reality is this, [Customer Name]: your billboard is still out on that dirt road and millions of people are looking for you on that busy (freeway name).

When your customers go to that search engine to look for your business and they can't find you, but they find your competitor instead … you’ve just lost a customer.

Let me show you how this Site Promotion Tool is going to make you money and ensure that you stay on pace with your competitors." (Go to Site Promotion Tool discussion)

"Next, I’d like you to scroll down to where you see ‘Web site Promotion.’ Click on that for me if you would, please. You will see another screen come up that will say ‘Site Promotion’ at the very top. Are you there? Perfect. This is one of the most important tools you will use for your Web site.

Your Web site can be a work of art, but if nobody can find you on the Internet, it’s pointless. This tool is going to help you publicize your online presence. Let me show you what I mean.

You will see at the top of the page where it says choose your search engines. We already have Google, Hotbot and Scrub the Web selected. Now I don’t want you to think you will only be found on three search engines; let me explain how this works.

These search engines are full search directories. For example, by being submitted to Google you will be found on search sites throughout the Internet. Google’s directory is used by over 60% of the search sites online, like Yahoo, Netscape, and AOL, just to name a few. Now let me show you how you will distinguish yourself on these search engines.

Scroll down on this page until you get to the section that says ‘Keywords’. In this section you will be able to type in 25 to 30 keywords that you think people would associate with your company. After you have your keywords in place, you will go down to the next section, Description, and type in a 25 word description of your company.

This will be the information that will show up on the search page with your .com address, so make sure you put something in there that will persuade someone to click on your link as opposed to one of your competitors. (Do not have them type in anything at this time; they will need to do this after activating the site).

After you have your keywords and description in place, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Submit Your Site To Search Engines.’

Now this is very important; I want you to write this down. To get the best positioning on the search engines, you will want to go in here every 35 to 40 days and resubmit your information. Isn’t that simple?"

"The next thing I want you to do is close this screen. You should be back in your Tool Box. At the top of the page, click on ‘Edit Pages’. We’re going to go in and make a couple changes to the site now.

When the next page comes up, you will see a bar that says ‘Page Modifier’; right below that you will see Select – Title – Filename – Menu Name – Status and Editor. Let’s go in and make a couple changes to the Home page.

Under ‘Title’ you will see ‘Home’; go over to the right under the editor and click on the ‘Edit’ option. What you should see now is a duplicate version of your Home page.

As I mentioned before, everything you see here can be modified with the point and click of the mouse.

Put your cursor over the text area; you should see a blue background come up behind the text. Left click your mouse and you will see a new screen coming up. When you see the next screen, you will see the text in that blue box. Are you there? Excellent!

Now to change the text, highlight any text you would like to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Now type in anything you want. When your done typing, go to the bottom and click on Update.

This will take you into Advanced Mode. In this section, you will be able to bold, italicize, underline, increase the size, and change the font style. As I said, customize it so that it is presentable to your customers. Up at the top, click on ‘Select All’; at this point you will see a gray background come up behind the text. Go ahead and change the size or bold the text and click on ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.

Now if you minimize that screen, you will be able to see the change on your previous page. Like I said, it is easy enough for anyone to operate. Changing pictures, background colors, adding pages, it’s all this simple.

Now this is a very important step: At the top of the page I want you to click on ‘Main’, and in the drop down menu you will see Publish Web site, click on that for me. In just a moment the changes you just made will be live on the site.

Let me ask you real quick, have you ever been to a Web site that said ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’?

It’s frustrating and irritating, isn’t it? You will never have to worry about that with this system. Whenever you’re making changes in the Administration section, there will be no downtime, construction or interference on your site.

After you click on ‘Publish Web site’, whatever changes you made will be implemented into the site in real time.

Are you impressed yet? (Probing questions like this should be used throughout the demo) Beautiful!

Let’s go back into the Web site and see the changes you’ve made. Do you see on the bottom of the Publishing page where it says ‘View Site’? Click on that for me if you would, please. This will take us back into the Web site.

Now you should be able to see the changes you just made. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many companies are able to save a significant amount of money on their Internet presence; they don’t have to rely on someone else."

"The next thing I’d like to go over, [Customer Name], is the initial investment. At the top of the page you will see a button that says ‘Activate Web site’; click on that for me.

The next page will bring up a break down of the investment. As you will see the set up cost is $ and the monthly hosting/maintenance fee will be $ / mo. There are no hidden additional expenses.

As I mentioned before, all of those tools we just went over—and more—are already included in the promotional cost you see there.

You do have a couple of different options on how to get this up and running. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. You will see a credit card option, or you can activate the site with a checking account. Which would be easier for you? Great!

Select the circle to the left of the credit card (or checking account option if they choose) and click ‘Continue’ at the bottom. When the next page comes up, go ahead and enter in your information in the boxes and let me know when you’re finished.

Now click on the button that says ‘New Address.’ Another screen will come up here; go ahead and fill in your billing information. When you are done filling that out, click on ‘Create’ at the bottom of the screen.

Now close that screen and you will see the address there with a bubble showing your selected address. Okay, click ‘Continue’. Again, it will show you the total breakdown of charges.

Scroll down and make sure all of your information is correct. Is everything correct? Excellent!

Now go to the bottom and click on ‘Purchase Now.’ Next you will see the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of using our software. Go ahead and print this out for your records. Okay, now click on ‘I Agree’ at the bottom of the page. The next page you see coming up will be a copy of your invoice; print a copy of this out as well.

To wrap up and take ownership of the site, click on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of the page, and then go ahead and fi ll out the form on the following page. Congratulations on your new Web site!"

* Dollars by Design WebCenter licensees should not enter payment information for customers. Customers must have the opportunity to view and accept the Terms of Service at the time of sale. Failure to allow customers to review the Terms of Service and not requiring customers to click through "I accept" themselves is a breach of your agreement with Dollars by Design.

Ending the Call After a Sale
"[Customer Name], that screen will show you your total and approval code shortly. This screen will be your receipt, so remember to print it for your records. Let me give you our Technical Support number it’s 1-877-435-7891. My phone number is ____________. Let me be the first to welcome you aboard!"

Secure Server Closing
"Click on the link above the tabs at the top of the page that says, ‘View site.’ Now you will go back to the Home page we put together for you. Let me show you how easy it will be for your customers to purchase products/services from your site.

Go ahead and click on the ‘Activate Site’ button. The next screen will ask you to verify that this is your site; click on ‘YES’ and go on to the next page.

This is exactly what your customers will see when they are moving to the secured server on your Web site.

How do you normally make purchases for your business: Visa, Master Card or by using a bank draft? Great!

Now you will see a screen that has your site name and an area to put in your credit card information. Don’t worry about this right now, just scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see ’WEB PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT.’

Normally, [Customer Name], if you would have a Web development firm create a Web package that offers everything this one does, they would charge you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 dollars—and that’s just to get it set up! I can assure you that they also plan to make a substantial amount charging you for monthly maintenance and regular modifications.

If you’d like to make changes, for example, it may entail calling an answering service, leaving a description of what you would like modified, and when they eventually get around to making the changes, it will cost you about $150 per hour!

Right now, there are thousands of business all throughout the world utilizing this same technology, but they purchased their sites years ago when we first created this system. You’re getting the newest version of the software, with lots of extra tools and features, for thousands less than what those other business owners paid.

Today, I can minimize that substantial upfront investment, allowing you to take ownership right now. You will notice that under Web Platform Development there is a price of $[Set by WebCenter licensee].

That is our standard investment for everything that you’ve just seen. But right now we are running a promotion that ends ________ where we are offering customers this Web site at $____________."


"I’m only authorized to offer these promotions, but let me say this: I have never lost an interested business owner because of a financial hurdle, so give me some direction—what is feasible for you today? And please be candid, you are not going to hurt my feelings. (Wait for response)

As I said earlier, we are aggressively growing the company, so let me see if I can find a promotion that might help you." [WebCenter licensee sets promotions.]


"I can see how you may not understand the importance of having an online presence to enhance your current marketing efforts, to add credibility to your business, to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (No pause) But really, [Customer Name], every business on this planet will have a Web site. Just as you have a front door for your business, and just as much as you need a phone, you will need a Web site. It’s just a matter of when.

Go to your address bar and type ‘’ Let me show you what millions of people are doing everyday to research and buy their products and services. Let’s pretend that we are one of your potential customers. What keywords would a customer use to find your business? Enter those in that white box along with your city and state and hit enter.

Let’s look at the first 10 results, as this is who your customers will be looking at. Do you know who (list a result) is? Oh, (Joe) is a competitor? So if I am a customer looking for your product or service, I am going to find Joe and not you? This is already happening hundreds of times a day! Your name needs to be on this list of results.

Let’s go activate your site and I will walk you through submitting your Web site to the search engines NOW so that (Joe) doesn’t continue to steal your customers." (Go to Secure Server Closing Dialog)


"I have found that when someone tells me this, it is usually one of two things: either they don’t see the value of the Web package (and how they will make money), or it is a pricing issue. Which category would you fall under?"

If there's a pricing issue - consider possible price alternatives.

If it is a value issue - go to Google demonstration and re-visit the benefits of the tools and how they will make the customer money; data mine to uncover other needs.


"Who else beside yourself is involved in this decision? Is that person a business partner, the I/S manager? Let me ask you, if this were solely your decision, would you take advantage of our offer right now?"

IF YES - Continue

IF NO - Find out what other issues this customer has in order to move forward with the sale by saying "What types of questions do you think your partner may have?" (Answer questions thoroughly, and ask "Does that make sense?")


"I know you want to do this, (DM). I know you are going to, so let’s agree to this: I am so confident that your partner will see that this is a good business investment that I will see if we can offer you a special incentive that would encourage you to take possession of your Web site today. That will allow you to begin speaking with your marketing manager and our Technical Support department to submit your .com name to the search engines. I know you understand the value of this Web solution, so if the offer is sweet enough, is that a decision that you can make today?"

IF YES – "Great! Hold the line while I do some checking." [Determine what promotion or incentive you will offer; continue to the Secure Server Closing Dialog]

IF NO - Set an appointment to speak to the business partner and give another walk-through

"I NEVER BUY ANYTHING ON THE FIRST CALL" [IF WebCenter licensee offers trial period, discuss trial alternative]



"(DM), we understand that you’re like most of our other customers; they wanted to do some research on us before making a decision. That is why we put everything on our Web site [YOURCOMPANYNAME.COM site], so the information is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In addition, let’s think about this: while we were talking, I was able to generate a seven-page industry-specific Web site. It can be live on the World Wide Web right now, and it is 100% customizable. That is not an easy thing to do. But it is because of the Web site software and support solution that I am offering that we are able to do this.

We don’t keep you waiting for a few months before you can check out the Web site and evaluate our product; everything there is to know about our company and the incredible product we are offering you is already in your hands.

Anyway, we know that after experiencing our awesome technical support, you will be fully convinced that you have made the right decision. Let’s go ahead and activate your site and get you started.

How do you normally make purchases for your business: Visa, Master Card or by using a bank draft?" (Transition to Secure Server Closing Dialog)

Use this dialogue if the customer seems to be rejecting the purchase of the Web site:

"I understand that you may not see the need for a Web site today, but let me ask you [Customer Name], do you own It is important for you to know just how critical registering your own .com name is. is a valuable piece of property on the
Internet; it’s your company’s trademark and you need to own that. You see, [Customer Name], I know that you will have a Web site for your business—every business on the planet will need a Web site. Just as you have a front door, a cash register and a phone, you will have an online presence. It is just a matter of when.

The problem is that you may not have it with the Web address that you need. And I’m worried about that. As you may know, there are no copyright laws with reference to business names on the Web. Your competitors probably understand this, and could have already registered

Your .com name is a little bit tougher for someone to register out from under you, but it can happen. This means that whenever anyone looks for your business on the Internet, they would be directed to your competitor’s site - not yours. Let’s find out if is still available.

We have incorporated a tool within your Web package that allows you to register as many Web addresses as you may need for your business. In fact, we are going to use it to see if is still available. Click on the ‘Tools’ tab at the top, and go to the link marked ‘Domain Tool.’"

**NOTE: do the search for the customer if they will not conduct the domain name search themselves.

If the domain name is available:
"Great! It shows that it is still available. You have a few different options (for .com, .net or .org domain names) at this point, you can register it for:

¨ 2 years for $99.95
¨ 3 years for $139.95
¨ 4 years for $169.95
¨ 5 years for $199.95
¨ 7 years for $249.95
¨ 10 years for $349.95

Most of my customers register their domain name for 10 years to receive the $150 discount. Which do you prefer?"

If the domain name is not available:
"Don’t be discouraged. It is rare for your .com name to be available. Let’s try ( and .org). You check those two and let me know what you discover. In the meantime, I will think of some other names that will work for your business. (Try to think of a few domain names ahead of time)

Obviously, DM, you now understand the importance of registering a Web address for your business. Again, it is imperative that you secure your company trademark on the Web today. This is an extremely cost-effective way to insure that your business name on the Internet will still be there when you are ready to use it. Go ahead and click ‘YES’ to register your alternate domain name. Great! It shows that it is still available. You have several options at this point, you can register it for:

¨ 2 years for $99.95
¨ 3 years for $139.95
¨ 4 years for $169.95
¨ 5 years for $199.95
¨ 7 years for $249.95
¨ 10 years for $349.95

Most of my customers register it for 10 years to take advantage of the $150 discount. Which do you prefer?"

Yellow Page Discussion
"[Customer Name], you currently advertise in the Yellow Pages. What size advertisement do you have? Is it a single line listing or is it a larger ad with pictures? (Either way continue with the discussion below)

You are running that ad so that you can gain more exposure to your potential customers in your local area, correct? You know as well as I do that when someone new moves into your town they do not have a phone book. However, they do have access to the Internet. Furthermore, statistics show that a large percentage of the population uses search engines before Yellow Pages today. That is why most business owners are realizing that the Internet will replace the Yellow Pages as the business directory for the 21st century. Most people log on to the Net to find products and services in their local area BEFORE they go to their Yellow Pages. WHY?

Consumers these days want to research a company and its product or service before they make a purchase. They want to be more informed. With the Internet, they are able to view what a company is about, what products they offer, what kind of customer service they provide, and just about anything else they want to know. All of this is done from the convenience and comfort of their own home. THAT is why most businesses are going to the Web. It gives them more exposure to people in their geographical area 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Here is another fact to think about: when someone calls your Yellow Page ad after you are closed for the day, what happens? They get an answering machine, so they move to the next ad in the book and call your competition, right? But what if they hear on your answering machine, that even though you are closed, they can visit your online store at They can see everything you offer, where your store is located, and even find answers to some of their questions. Your Web site won’t completely replace your ad in the Yellow Pages, but it will make your investment in your Yellow Page ad more effective."

Television/Newspaper/Radio Advertising
"[Customer Name], you are advertising on the TV/NEWSPAPER/RADIO because you want to increase your exposure using what is commonly believed to be an effective means of promoting your business, right? The reason why most people who advertise through TV/NEWSPAPER/RADIO also have a
Web site is because it stretches their advertising dollars. Let me explain.

Right now you are paying for ads on the TV/NEWSPAPER/RADIO. Unfortunately, you have a limited amount of time and space to get your message across, so your advertising doesn’t really have the impact that it could. However, by utilizing our Web package, you could include your .com name on all of your advertising and expand upon the information that you need to include in your ads but are currently restricted from doing so because of money, space and time constraints.

By directing people to your Web site, people who see your advertisement can visit you online—even if you’re closed for the day. They can see exactly what type of products and services you provide, where your store is located, what hours you are open, and they can use your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page to get answers to basic questions they may have.

These people will then make the decision that you are the type of company that they want to do business with. They can walk into your store first thing the next morning, or they can purchase your products on the Web site and either pick them up the next day or have them sent out through the mail.

And with the Statistics Tool that we provide with your Web package, you are able to effectively track your marketing efforts 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is the power of your Web solution through <Your Company Name>."

Word-of-Mouth Advertising
"[Customer Name], you are currently using word-of-mouth advertising to increase awareness of your business, right? Basically, your current customers are promoting your business by describing your services or products to potential customers; you could say that they’re painting a picture of what you have to offer, right?

OK [Customer Name], here’s where the limitations begin. Your services or products are limited by the ability of the person describing it. No one knows your business better than you do, right? By utilizing the power of a Web site, you can post your product or services for consistent viewing. You can communicate directly with new and prospective customers and tell them everything you want them to know about you and your business.

[Customer Name], let me give you an example: every company has a particular job or product they’re especially proud of, right? With a Web site, you can place pictures of those exceptional accomplishments or products and display them for interested parties. You don’t have to rely on others to accurately describe your work or products anymore."

E-Commerce -- When discussing this benefit, direct the customer to e-commerce tab.

"[Customer Name], let me show you how the E-commerce Tools let your business start selling to a whole new market. You make money by selling more of your products/services and providing your existing customer base with excellent service, correct?

Your new Web package is completely e-commerce enabled. This means you have virtually unlimited showroom space to display your product without the additional expenses associated with a brick-and-mortar building (no expensive wages, no rent, no utilities, etc.). Your customers will be able to log on, day or night, shop through your catalog of products, and enter their credit card information, allowing you to make money while you sleep! You can easily load pictures and images into your catalog, along with specific information about those products, such as descriptions, shipping information, sku numbers, etc.

[Customer Name] wouldn’t you agree that consumers these days are looking for more convenience? They want to be able to research the items they want to purchase without having the headaches associated with actually shopping for the item (traffic, salespeople, etc.)

With the Web Solution, we help provide your customers with the convenience they desire. More revenue and better customer retention would certainly benefit your company, wouldn’t you agree [Customer Name]?

Let me ask you, do you currently accept credit cards for purchasing your product? gives you the ability to set up and accept major credit cards and other methods of commerce, allowing the impulsive online visitor to buy from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even after you are closed for the day.

Yahoo! Stores charges hundreds of dollars per month for the same e-commerce tools that we provide for free with our Web solution!" (Transition into the product catalog dialogue)

Contact Management Tool
"[Customer Name], one of the fantastic features we have incorporated within your Web solution is the Contact Management Tool. This allows you to reach out and gather information from potential customers who visit your site. Furthermore, this tool allows you to manage your customer database by storing important information such as name and e-mail address, according to specific categories that you designate.

For example, you may have 20 customers who request information about one product/service and 20 customers who are interested in another. This tool will allow you to create a mailing list for each customer group, and let you contact them about their specific interests, all in one easy step.

By utilizing the Contact Management Tool, you are opening up an additional channel of communication with your customers, resulting in better customer retention and more revenue.

Do you periodically notify your customers of special promotions or new product introductions?"

"This tool allows you to streamline your marketing efforts and track your results. The Contact Management Tool assists you in doing market research to identify the best, most cost-effective way to make money. For example, you can send two different types of promotions to different groups of consumers to test which promotion will generate the most revenue for your business."

"You can use this tool to begin offering this service to your customers, and you can also use it for even more personalized communications, like sending seasonal messages or thank-you notes. The Contact Management Tool assists you in doing market research to identify the best, most cost-effective way to make money.

For example, you can send two different types of promotions to different groups of consumers to test which promotion will generate the most revenue for your business. This is another way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors, by opening additional channels of communication to your company. As an added value, you can also use the Contact Management Tool to help manage your day-to-day activities, like scheduling events and appointments.

Buying additional software like this would cost you hundreds of dollars, but it comes standard with our Web site solution package. Let’s go activate the site and get you started." (Go to Secure Server Closing Dialog)

E-Mail Alias Tool
"The Dollars by Design solution provides 20 e-mail aliases with each registered domain name. This feature sorts and routes e-mail messages to specific departments or employees, such as customer care, product inquiries, management, and sales, streamlining and managing your online requests/messages. Let me show you how to set that up:

First, do you already have a .com name to attach your e-mail aliases to? Do you have a name in mind that you would like to register? (If the customer responds positively, register .com name using the Domain Tool on the customer’s site. Refer to the Domain Tool discussion to review set up and pricing.)

Now that we’ve secured your online identity, you can start creating e-mail aliases for all the different aspects of your

You’ll also be able to present a professional, corporate image to your customers, prospects, and business associates when you have them e-mail you at your new address: ." (Go through the Secure Server Closing Dialog)

Upload Files Tool
"This feature provides the ability to upload multiple files, including your own HTML files. Not only will this make creating your online catalog easy, it will save you valuable time to do more of the things that are important, such as running your business.

The Dollars by Design Web site Solution allows you to include thousands of products in your online store. Your catalog is capable of supporting images, product descriptions of any topic, discount coding, custom shipping methods, tax methods and much more. We can begin setting up your
catalog right now. What is your hottest selling item? Let’s put this item in your product catalog." (Add item to catalog)

Chat Room
"One of the more effective ways to establish a personal relationship with your online customers is to open a direct line of communication. This can be achieved by utilizing the Chat Room Tool integrated in the Web package. Now you can have real-time conversations with your online customers to answer questions or introduce products and services.

This will increase the value and exposure of your Web site to your online customers. You can also use this tool to have conference calls with associates or salespeople, eliminating the cost of a long distance call and putting money back into your pocket.

Let’s get your site activated so you can take full advantage of this tool right now. Click on the ‘view site’ link at the top." (Go to Secure Server Closing Dialog)

Image Editor
"[Customer Name], we live in a world driven by what we can see, and this is why having a Web presence is so powerful and important. You can clearly display your products and services using one of the most effective marketing tools in existence … the World Wide Web.

The Dollars by Design Web site Solution has integrated an Image Editor Tool, allowing you to enhance your existing personal images, company logo, and even make a banner for your Web site. By creating a more customized, professional appeal to your Web site, it will no doubt increase traffic, and that means increased revenue. This is just another one of the ways we’re going to help improve your business. Let’s get your site activated right now!" (Go to Secure Server Closing Dialog)

Additional statistics to explain the value of e-commerce to prospective Web site owners:
¨ The Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium in history! It took radio and television 15 and 30 years, respectively, to reach an audience of 60 million viewers; it took the Internet only three years to reach that same audience.
¨ Worldwide e-commerce revenues are expected to reach $2.7 trillion dollars by the end of next year.
¨ Right now, two out of three people in the U.S. have access to the Internet, and it has been statistically proven that they will go to the Internet to shop for goods and services before they turn to the Yellow Pages or the newspaper.
¨ Internet usage is exploding because of the convenience it provides for comparison shopping and online ordering.
¨ Business and marketing experts are predicting that having a Web presence is going to be a matter of survival.

General statements to reinforce value in response to questions/objections regarding Web sites:
¨ This is a complete e-commerce-ready Web package, not just a basic Web site!
¨ This Web package is priced far below typical Web sites (which offer fewer features and tools).
¨ This is a user-friendly system that allows you to customize your entire site, at your convenience, simply by pointing and clicking.
¨ You don’t need to know HTML or any other programming languages to make changes to your site.
¨ The basic site is up to 50 megabytes of space. For comparison, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica would take up 22.7 megabytes of space.
¨ This Web package is set up so that you never have to pay for software upgrades, technical support or changes to your site.

We give you everything you need to get your online business up and running immediately:
¨ Site Promotion Tool
¨ E-commerce Tools
¨ Extensive product catalog where you can display, describe and sell your products/services online
¨ Statistical Tracking Tool
¨ Contact Manager Tool
¨ Domain Registration Tool
¨ Chat Room Tool
¨ Hundred of custom-designed layouts to choose from
¨ Thousands of images, fonts and backgrounds
¨ Unlimited use of our Technical Support Department

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