March 2006 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Month: John C. Zaino

“God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them.” -- Author Unknown

What is it that you dream of? Financial success, early retirement, the freedom to do what you want – when you want? The great thing about being a WCO is that all of these dreams are 100% achievable for you right now. Through IWebCenters, you already have a sure-fire plan to achieve your goals. All you need to do is get up and start setting those qualified appointments today, so that we can sell the sites for you. The more appointments you set, the faster you will grow into your dreams. So what are you waiting for?


Who Sold the Most Web sites?

February was a lucrative sales month for WCO’s! Two teams really shined last month. They are excellent examples of what is possible for everyone with a little determination.


Both of our teams have been Top Sellers before. In fact you can listen to Our Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for the Month of February’s testimonial at if you are looking for a few pointers.


But right now, we’d like to congratulate John C. Zaino for (once again) winning our Top Seller spot by closing a tremendous 9 deals in February!!! You truly are outstanding, Mr. Zaino!


We’d also like to announce our second-place team for also doing an incredible job last month by closing 6 deals – 3 in one day; and 3 on another!!!


Great work: Cheryl Anderson and George Manos!!!


Appointment NOW!

Another great way to maximize your sales is to use the Appointment NOW! Call-In Service at: 1-866-287-8121 whenever you have a prospect that wants to view the product now. This useful service gives you scheduling alternatives so that you have more opportunities to sell sites. To find out more information about how Appointment NOW! works, check out the March 2006 Tip of the Month at

Did you know?

Currently, there are over 53 million active Web sites.


Did you know?

Sales Support closed an average of 7 deals a day the first week of March!


Special 3-Part “Getting Started” Conference Call Series

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our special 3-part Conference Call series is up and ready to be downloaded. This information gives you an infusion of new and effective tips on how to kick your business into high gear. It’s easy to download and only takes 15-20 minutes to listen to, so don’t miss out on it! To access all 3 parts, just go into and click on the bright orange buttons.


Who won this week?

The 2-Ways-To-Win Contest has officially started. We will be announcing our Weekly Winners every Wednesday in the “Hot Topic Wednesdays!” email. Or you can view the entire winners archives by clicking into the “2-Ways-To-Win Contest” button on homepage. Find out today if you are one of our lucky winners.


Hot Topic Wednesdays!

Each Wednesday, Todd Laire, Director of Internet Sales & Training for Dollars by Design will be sending you a personal email filled with important, time-sensitive information. This must-read will give you all the latest news, updates and 2-Ways-To-Win Contest winners. So be sure to look for it every Wednesday.


WebCenter 411

For your convenience, we have dedicated as your one-stop, “What’s New!” information central. Each week, we give you so much new information, features and updates that we thought that it would be a great idea to have one central location to direct you to for all your WebCenter needs. We’ve been doing quite a bit of remodeling work on this site and urge you to re-familiarize yourself with it today.


Stay Tuned …

Watch for next month’s Newsletter for an overview of what is going on at IWebCenters. And don’t forget to check out WebCenter 411, your Weekly Emails and Hot Topic Wednesdays! for a real-time look at what’s happening right now.

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