April 2006 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Month: John C. Zaino

John Zaino sold 7 sites in March to earn the title of the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Month (his third this year so far). John’s success is no fluke, either, as his enviable track record shows. Think of him as your IWebCenters ideal. He exemplifies the type of success that is possible for every WebCenter owner. Ever wonder what his secret is?

Wonder no longer. Now you can check out his 5-minute testimonial available on WebCenter 411’s Homepage outlining just how easy it is for anyone to be successful at selling Web sites. And the best part is that you can start at any time. Just look at John. He did very little with his WebCenter for a full year before he kicked his sales into high gear. If he can do it, you can do it. Click into to find out more.
Did you know?
In the last 48 hours, the #1 most searched for word was “Google”. is the most queried Search Engine on the Net. With such a high viewership, ranking high on it could mean the difference between success and failure for a business. In fact, a 2005 study showed that during the first month a Web site appears in the Top 10 of Google's search results, traffic increases 337%. And during the second month it does, traffic increases another 627%!

This is why it is so important for you to get your business site in the search engines. To find out more information on how to better market your site, go to
Quick Tip: How to close 3 deals a week
Since Sales Support closes approximately 50% of all qualified appointments, a good rule of thumb to follow is to set 6 qualified appointments for every 3 Web site sales desired. At first your average may vary from week to week, but be consistent and your sales will average out in the end.
5 reasons why the Internet is the greatest business tool of all time:
1. Accessibility – The Internet is the only type of medium that is open for business 24/7 in every corner of the world. The only prerequisite is Internet access.
2. Convenience – Because Internet technology is advancing at such an unprecedented rate, business owners are able to utilize the most advanced tools and features ever invented at very little cost compared to brick-and-mortar businesses.
3. Influence – The Internet influences all businesses (whether electronic or traditional). Just think about how many deals were closed due to the influence of email correspondence or because the buyer researched different companies online before purchasing? Without the Internet, all commerce would run at a much slower pace.
4. Information – The amount of data available online is infinite and great for sales. The bottom line is that you need to know about a product or that it even exists before you can buy it; and the Internet is the perfect venue to find this information.
5. David can really beat Goliath – The Internet is the one marketplace on the planet where even the little guy can effectively compete with corporate giants. So why not take your shot?
Idea of the Month: Swap links with related businesses
How would you like to boost your site traffic, Search Engine ratings and sales numbers in one easy step? You can, just by swapping links with a network of related businesses.  Your site traffic will increase due to the influx of new customers through sister sites; and your sales will increase dramatically. In addition, Search Engines rate sites with more reciprocal links higher than those without. One thing to remember is that you double-check each site for broken links before adding them. Even broken links from another site can have a negative effect on your placement, so make it part of your routine to check before adding any partner sites.
Stay Tuned …
Watch for next month’s Newsletter for an overview of what is going on at IWebCenters. And don’t forget to check out WebCenter 411, your Weekly Emails and Hot Topic Wednesdays! for a real-time look at what’s happening right now.

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