July 2006 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WCO of the Month: David and Joan Sherman

Sold! 7 Web sites for approximately $10,000!!


How would you like to make an extra $10,000 in one month? Itís not such a far-fetched idea. Just ask our Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners for June 2006: David and Joan Sherman. They did it by selling 7 Web sites last month. They are a great inspiration of what is possible for every WCO. If they can do it, you can do it. Get out there and set those qualified appointments today!
Why EVERY small business should be online:

In today's Internet-based society, Americans spend more time online than they do watching television according to a recent Stanford University study. Even more interesting, over 70 percent of small businesses in the United States do not have Web sites.

Consider these statistics:

  • In 2005 Internet spending increased by 22 percent over the previous year, totaling $143.2 billion.
  • In addition, online retail sales are expected to increase 20 percent more in 2006, surpassing $211 billion.
  • Among online shoppers, 64 percent say the #1 reason they shop online is due to the large selection of products and services they find.
  • Sixty percent of shoppers believe that online shopping saves time.
  • Fifty-one percent of shoppers go online to search for sales.

In a September 2005 survey by Affinity Internet, respondents ranked the level of importance of the seven traditional advertising mediums:

Word-of-mouth                                               53%
Online Marketing                                                      45%
Direct Sales                                                    27%
Radio/TV                                                          9%
Direct Mail                                                        8%
Print (Newspapers/Magazines/Newsletters)             8%
Yellow Pages                                                     3%

A recent survey polled online users to find out what are the current most popular Internet activities for adults:

Email                                                              77%
Search-Engine Use                                            63%
News                                                              46%
Instant Messaging                                             18%
Online Banking                                                  18%
Take part in Chat Rooms                                      8%
Make Travel Arrangements                                   5%
Read Blogs                                                        3%
Participate in Online Auctions                               3%

These statistics prove that the Internet is a thriving resource for local products and services. It is growing exponentially in size and power. Every small-to-medium business that wishes to survive in the marketplace must have a Web presence; and luckily for WebCenter owners, over 70% of them do not. You are in an amazing position to make unlimited money. Donít wait a second longer. Itís time for you to go for the gold and set those qualified appointments today!
Did you know?
In the United States, 70 percent of households use the Internet as an information source when shopping for local products and services.

Did you know?
According to a November 2005 study, the annual number of local searches is expected to exceed 20 billion in 2006.
Decision Maker Quiz

1.     Who is most likely to be the Decision Maker?
a. General Manager    
b. Marketing Director
c. Owner of the business
d. Administrative Assistant
e. Graphic Artist
f. Webmaster

2.    What should you ask to confirm that you are speaking with the DM?
"Who takes care of your marketing? Normally I speak with the business owner, would that be you?"

3.    Why is it so important to always speak with the Decision Maker?
Because he/she is the only one authorized to make purchasing decisions.

4.    If the Decision Maker isnít available, should you make an appointment with someone else instead?
It is always best to set the appointment with the Decision Makers. Even if it takes a little while longer to arrange, it will be well worth the effort in the end.

5.      What question should you ask to find out if any other DMís need to be present in order to buy?
ĒIf you like everything you see, is there anyone else you would need to consult with before making a purchasing decision?Ē 

Other tips:

  • Make sure that you clarify with the Decision Maker the exact day and time of the appointment. Also, inform them of the estimated length of the presentation and confirm that all the DMís will be available for the walkthrough.  
  • Also, make sure you always give your client a courtesy call 24-hours before the appointment to remind them of the day, time, length of appointment, and confirm the availability of all the DMís.
    NEW! Talk To Tim Testimonials #2: Robert Graham
    We have just added our second Talk To Tim Testimonial with new WebCenter owner, Robert Graham. Find out what he learned from Tim during his consultation that helped him close his first 2 deals in less than one week! We will be posting a new testimonial every week, so be sure to watch out for them in the Talk To Tim Archives. Who knows? The next success story we tell could be yours!
    Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.

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