August 2006 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding NEW! WCO of the Month: Lana Kress

ĒThe dog that trots about finds a bone.Ē Ė Old Gypsy saying

This philosophy is absolutely true when finding new prospects. The WCOís who get out there and talk to business owners are going to find a lot more bones (or sales) than those who donít. Itís simple math. So pick up the phone and dig up some qualified appointments today!
Here are some interesting facts about why every business needs a Web site:

Consumers make over 1.7 billion searches each month looking for local products and services. Without a Web presence, your business is invisible to all those potential customers.

The annual number of local online searches is expected to exceed 20 billion by the end of 2006. With over 70% of consumers researching the product online before they buy, can your business afford not to be a part of the Internet?

Bottom line: Having a Web presence is critical for the survival of every business today. Itís no longer a matter of choice; it is a fact. Through a Web site, a company can reach new territories, find new customers and achieve new levels of profitability never before thought possible.
The 4 top reasons why users are spending more time online:

1. Broadband eliminates frustratingly slow dial-up downloads
2. The Net has an unlimited supply of continually updated information
3. Consumers have become increasingly computer savvy
4. Itís easy and convenient to go online to find any answer you need
Did you know?
According to a survey conducted by Stanford University in 2005, the average consumer spends three hours a day online. That's 1.3 hours more than he or she will spend watching television Ö really.

Did you know?
At this very moment, there are approximately 68.5 million active domain names on the Web.

Did you know?
There are 1,339,000,000 IP addresses in the U.S.
Top Tips straight from your favorite Web Specialist to you Ö
We are proud to announce our latest addition to WebCenter 411, the all-new Top Sales Support Tips! 
Each week, one of our top Web Specialists will record a personal commentary on real-time sales issues and what you can do to turn them around to your advantage. Itís a great way for you to stay ahead of the curve and get your deals closed. Stay tuned for our latest addition with senior Product Specialist, Brian Wall.
Talk To Tim Testimonials!
Have you listened to the latest Talk To Tim Testimonial? If not, todayís a perfect day to catch up on whatís been happening in the War Against Excessive Cancellations

Join MA WebCenterís Senior Copywriter, Kimberly Coon as she shares your real-life success stories on how our new mentoring program is giving WebCenter owners the power and confidence to take back control of their WebCenter businesses. Each week, she interviews a new Talk To Tim alumni member. Find out what problems they were having and how their one-on-one consultation with Tim Erickson, Director of Web site Sales changed their business.

Every story is so unique and inspiring that you wonít want to miss a single one! Who knows maybe youíll find out what youíve been missing in your sales.
Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.



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