October 2006 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners: Monique Duarte and John Zaino

“It’s later than you think.” -- Sundial inscription

Make your mark on the world now, while the time is ripe! As you probably know, Web sites are the hottest ticket on the fastest-growing medium on earth: the Internet. On top of that, you happen to sell the best Web site solution out there – not to mention, unlimited resources at your disposal.  You’ve got have everything you need and more to succeed through Dollars by Design:

Sales Support

Customer Care


The “Talk To Tim” Mentoring Program

The “Design Center” and much, much more!!

So don’t waste another minute. Get out there and set those qualified appointments today!
Who sold the most Web sites?

September was a landmark month for WebCenter owners with a record-breaking number of multiple sales!!! Topping the list is a 2-way tie between one of our new recruits and an established Dollars by Design superstar. Both closed 5 sales each to earn the title of the
Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners for September 2006!! Congratulations go out to:


Monique Duarte and John Zaino!!!!!

We also have a runner-up group of 3 WCO’s, who closed 4 sales each and truly deserve an honorable mention for their effort:


William Trabulsie

Tony Genova

Susan St. Marie


Great job everyone on a phenomenal month!!!


Did you know?

Close to 75% of all Internet users would prefer to watch free, ad-supported online videos than to pay for it without ads.


Did you know?

Clips and full-length video are watched by 54% of Web users in the U.S., and 32% of that group says they watch more online video than one year ago.

*Check out our Web site Holiday Hints, for helpful tips to pass on to your customers. Help them get their Web sites holiday-ready before the season starts.

Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.

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