January 2007 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Year: John Zaino
In 2006, John Zaino sold 61 Business Web sites!!!!

In addition, John Zaino was named the WCO of the Month a record 8 times!!! He was also spotlighted several times in our weekly emails, monthly newsletters and in
conference calls. John’s story is one of continuing success – the American dream personified; and he is our reigning champ for the second year in a row! From everyone at IWebCenters, we would like to congratulate:
John Zaino -- The Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for 2006!

Quick Tip: Ask your prospects great questions.
There are two types of questions: open-ended and close-ended. When prospecting, always start your conversation with a close-ended question – one that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”, or that reveals a fact.

"Do you have a Web site?" or “What is your Web site address?” are examples of close-ended questions.

Then use open-ended questions to draw your prospects out.

"What kind of marketing is your business currently doing?” is an example of an open-ended question.

Really listen to what they have to say. You want to find their “hot buttons” – or buying clues -- that will indicate which features and tools to emphasize during the walkthrough.

Asking great questions adds credibility to your business, which (in the long run) leads to more Web site sales.
Did you know?
U.S. consumers bought 45% more products online the final week of Christmas (12/17-12/24) than they did in 2005.
(Source: comScore Networks, 2007)

Did you know?
U.S. (non-travel) online sales peaked at $102.1 billion in 2006. This is an increase of 24% from 2005.
(Source: comScore Networks, 2007)

Did you know?
The United States active online community grew by 3,645,266 new users in only 30 days -- between October 2006 and November 2006.
(Source: Nielsen/NetRatings)

Did you know?
During this same one-month time period, the total amount of new active users for the 10 countries polled (Australia, Brazil, France, Spain, U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, Italy and Switzerland) was 6.1 million.
(Source: Nielsen/NetRatings)
Americans spent over a week online in 2006
According to a recent study from the Census Bureau, adolescents and adults now spend, on average, more than 64 days a year watching television, 41 days listening to the radio and a little over a week using the Internet.

Among adults, 97 million Internet users sought news online last year, 92 million bought a product, 91 million made a travel reservation, 16 million used a social or professional networking site and 13 million created a blog.
Congratulations once again to John Zaino our Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for 2006! Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.

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