February 2007 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter of the Month: Robert Dickey

"Nothing ventured; nothing gained." – proverb circa 1300 A.D.

Who sold the most Web sites?
This month, we would like to congratulate: Robert Dickey!!! This is Robert's second win. He sold an unbelievable 7 Web sites for the highest average retail amount to earn the title of the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for the month of January 2007!!! Extraordinary effort Robert, keep up the great work!!
The Top 10 Most Popular WebCenter411 pages for January 2007:

1. Design Center Spotlight Sites Archives
2. Design Center Spotlight Sites
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3. Design Center Spotlight Sites
Week 9
4. Design Center Spotlight Sites
Week 10
5. Design Center Frequently Asked Questions (
6. Design Center Spotlight Site
Week 11
7. Conference Calls
8. Design Center
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9. Business Web site
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10. Getting Started Conference Call,
Part 1
The Super Bowl catches Internet Fever!
Non-professional, user-submitted, Internet ads stirred up huge interest before this year's big game – indicating the newest marketing trend: online Interactive advertising contests. One of the biggest draws to the Super Bowl games (with over 93 million people watching Super Bowl XLI) is the anticipation of the commercials.

A recent report by comScore showed that the main reason that the majority of the women polled watched the Super Bowl was in order to see the ads. What's more, the second largest reason that men said they viewed the Super Bowl (behind actually watching the game) was in order to see the ads.

For the first time ever, this year, non-professional, user-submitted online commercials were aired alongside the customary, advertising giants during the game. Among the brands that aired non-professional, user-generated commercials were Doritos, Chevrolet, and the NFL.

In fact, in the months leading up to the Super Bowl, Doritos held an online contest encouraging users to create their own homemade Doritos commercials and submit them online to the Doritos Web site in order to choose a contest winner. Unique visitors to the Doritos site were instructed to vote for their favorite submission. During the month of January 2007, the site attracted a whopping 227,000 unique visitors.

Another unexpected turn occurred when Doritos was named the second most anticipated commercial (behind Anheuser-Busch, the traditional favorite) by viewers. This highly coveted spot is usually enjoyed by much more well-known mega-corporations. This little twist is a perfect demonstration of just how powerful the Internet is becoming.

On a side note, it was announced that the winner of the Doritos contest was awarded $2.4 million for an ad that cost an estimated $12 to create. It just goes to show that the Internet continues to open up a world of possibilities for everybody. The American dream is alive and well. It's just one more reason why every business on the planet needs a Web site.

Haven't set a qualified appointment today yet? What are you waiting for? The timing is perfect. Remember the old adage: nothing ventured; nothing gained.
Did you know?
In a recent study by comScore, participants have earmarked a whopping 20% of their total marketing dollars for Internet advertising in 2007. That's an increase of 18% over last year.
(Source: Outsell)

Did you know?
In December 2006, the United States had an active home Internet population of 150,419,613. This is the largest home audience in the world.
(Nielsen/NetRatings, 2007)
Congratulations once again to Robert Dickey our Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for the Month of January 2007! Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.

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