March 2007 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners of the Month: Shane and Trevor Wittmers

”The difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’.” -- Author Unknown

Congratulations IWebCenters! Many of you are turning into bonafide experts at selling Web sites. Through the help of Sales and Technical Support and IWebCenter411, you are quickly becoming the best-trained group of WebCenter owners we’ve ever had. You are using the above-mentioned training vehicles to fine-tune your own particular style and the results are remarkable. We can measure your improvement from week-to-week by the consistently growing number of qualified appointments set, completed and sold. Excellent job everyone; keep up the great work!


February 2007 IWebCenter411 Stats are breaking records
In February 2007; I
WebCenter411 enjoyed the second most popular month ever – almost doubling the number of unique visitors from February 2006. In fact, it was so close to the #1 most visited month (March 2006) that we are confident that if February had 30-31 days (instead of only 28), we would have broken the record! This is a tremendous testament to your dedication to succeed. It shows that you are making WC411 a part of your daily ritual. That’s the smartest thing you can do. We update it constantly. So, if you want to keep your edge, check back every morning and start your day off right.

Who sold the most Web sites?
We would like to congratulate a team of WCO’s, who are making their big debut on the top seller list this month: Shane and Trevor Wittmers!!!! If you’ve been reading your weekly installments of
Hot Topic Wednesdays!, then their success should come as no surprise. Since January 31, 2007, they have had the Most Completed Appointments 3 out of 4 times in the 2-Ways-To-Win Contest!!!!!


Shane and Trevor exemplify the secret to being a successful WCO. They set as many qualified appointments as possible with all of the Decision Makers; and then let Sales Support close deal-after-deal for them. Phenomenal month, Shane and Trevor!!!

Once again, congratulations go out to Shane and Trevor Wittmers, who sold 7 Web sites for the highest average retail amount to earn the title of the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners for February 2007!!!
Did you know?

The number of Internet users increased by 10% (749 million unique visitors) worldwide in the past year.
(Source: comScore Networks, March 2007)

Did you know?
of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 use the Internet; 82% are between 30-49 years old; 59% are 50-64 years old and 33% are 65 and older.
Pew Internet & American Life Project, December 2006)

Did you know?

91% of households with college degrees were online; 84% had some college experience; 59% had a high school diploma; and 36% of users had some high school experience.
(Source:, December 2006)
Congratulations once again to Trevor and Shane Wittmers our Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners for the Month of February 2007! Make sure you check out all the latest WebCenter owner information, news, updates, Conference Calls and more at Enjoy your month.

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