July 2005 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Month Spotlight: John C. Zaino

June’s Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner shares his success secrets

John C. Zaino sold five Web sites for the highest dollar amount making him the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for June 2005. In the last three months alone, he has sold an impressive seventeen Websites. Consistently a top producer, he says that good customer-relations and strong sales support are key factors to his success.

“I try to meet with the client in person. I make that extra drive because then they know that I’m really local and it sells them. Of course they love the software and site, but a personal relationship closes the sale,” says Zaino.

In November 2003, he became a WebCenter owner in order to earn enough income to allow his wife, Terri to quit her full-time position and stay at home with their two children Kelli, 9 and Christopher, 6. This past year, his investment has paid off handsomely. He says sales support helped him get on the right track.

“They are fantastic. I used them all the time during my walk-throughs. They helped me build up my sales presentation so that now I know exactly what to say,” says Zaino.

As further testament to his excellence as a WCO, a large percentage of his new sales are actually referrals from existing clients. Reinforcing that “word-of-mouth” can be a powerful advertising tool.

To date, his sales continue to grow with four deals already closed in the first week of July alone. He also has qualified appointments lined up in what promises to be yet another lucrative month for him.

John C. Zaino is an excellent example of what any WebCenter owner may accomplish selling Web sites.

Why Buy a Web site in July?

We asked some of our highly trained Product Specialists what they thought and here is what they had to say:

“You are far enough out of tax season that business owners now have the surplus cash to invest in their business site.” - Brian Wall

“July is the perfect time to put your site together so that it is fine-tuned and in the search engines in time for the lucrative holiday seasons.” – Dan Callaway

Did You Know?

“Seventy-eight percent of all adult Internet users research products and services on-line before purchasing them.” (Source: ClickZ Stats Demographics)

Did You Know?

“Worldwide Internet Users Will Top 1 Billion in 2005.” (Source: Computer Industry Almanac)

“Online shopping is 10 years old and still growing … online shoppers comprise nearly 70 percent of the online population.” (Source:

Did You Know?

“In 2004, there were 193,000,000 Internet users in the US. It is estimated that by 2007, there will be 236,000,000. That is an increase of approximately 23%.” (Source: Computer Industry Almanac)

New Client Tips

How To Write the Right Website

According to Jon Wuebben, author of Custom Copywriting, the way you write your Web site is very important to its success. If potential customers have to trudge through bad, meandering copy, they will lose interest and move on. The bottom line is “bad copy means fewer sales”.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when writing your Web site content:

· Because most users spend under 30-seconds scanning a page, short concise sentences and bullets are recommended to give the information fast.

· The copy should be interesting, informative and written in the way that people talk.

· You should have no more than 450 words per page. One way to achieve this is to write a one or two-sentence summary of the product/service and them give them the option of clicking into a “learn more” or “buy now” link.

· Use headings and sub-headings to keep the eye focused and to break up the page into more digestible parts.

· And always remember: AIDA

Grab Attention
 Build Interest
  Create Desire 
   Take ACTION!!!

Top 10 Online Retail Sales Categories (February 2005)

1. Computer Hardware
2. Event and Movie Tickets
3. Automotive
4. Office Supplies
5. Consumer Electronics
6. Child/Baby Care
7. Sporting Goods/Outdoor Activities
8. Home and garden
9. Shoes and Athletic Ware
10. Flowers, Greetings and Specialty Gift
(Source: Source: Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Online Retail, April 2005)

Dear WebCenter 411:

WebCenter owner, Heather Morgan asks: “How do I decide how much to charge a new Web site owner?”

Great question, Ms. Morgan. We consulted our panel of experts and they gave us a few guidelines to pass on. Because every business is different in size, industry and sophistication, it is a very personal decision you must make depending on the individual. Tim Erickson, Sales Director says he advises you to divide Website owners into two categories: sites with e-commerce capabilities and those without. As a general rule, sites with e-commerce are charged $1100 or more apiece; while sites without this capability are charged less. There are many other factors to consider, but hopefully this gives you a starting place.

Five Top Seller Tips:

1. Never offer 10 to 15-day trial periods up front.
2. Make sure correct Website pricing is set in the secured server.
3. Preview the site before the walk-through to make certain it is active and accessible.
4. Do not interrupt during the walk-through presentation.
5. Always ask the prospect what they want from their site and how they want it to look. Include pertinent, detailed notes when setting the Website appointment.





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