October 2005 Monthly Newsletter

Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner of the Month: John C. Zaino

“Spring forward … Fall back.”

Don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends on the last Sunday of each October. So remember to set your clocks back one hour on October 30th and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.


Who’s the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for the Month of September?

September was a great month for Dollars by Design distributors. Overall sales were great, but the real story is the impressive number of deals our two top distributors closed last month. Our first runner-up, Suzanne Gilad did an exceptional job selling 8 Web sites – her best month yet. Though her effort was valiant, it was two sales short of the top spot earned once again by John Zaino, a man who continues to raise the bar month-after-month. He clinched the top honors by selling an incredible 10 Web sites in September, which also happens to be his best sales month this year. Congratulations go out to:


John C. Zaino – the Most Outstanding WebCenter Owner for the Month of September!!!!


We are so proud of you!!


What’s New!

Great news!! Bigger is better and your mailboxes just got HUGE!! We are constantly looking for new ways to improve your sales and are delighted to announce our latest upgrade. Previously, each domain came with 5 mailboxes with a 10-MB capacity each. Not only have we doubled the number to 10 mailboxes, but we have also increased the size of each mailbox to 50 MB each – all at no extra charge. Go ahead and tell your prospects – setting appointments just got easier.


Back to Appointment-Setting Basics:

Do you set qualified appointments? Your chances of success are much greater if you concentrate your energy on scheduling appointments with good, qualified prospects. Don’t make the mistake of over-booking your Sales Calendar with a bunch of “iffy” candidates.


Remember you are offering them a complete Web site solution -- the answer to all their Internet business needs. Using the most comprehensive, professional and user-friendly technology ever created, you can afford to be a little choosy when prospecting.  From years of experience, we have learned that quality is much more important than quantity. With that in mind, go through the following checklist every time you set an appointment. It’s amazing how tiny little changes in your technique can help improve your sales dramatically.


Appointment-Setter Checklist:

1.    Did you set the appointment with the Decision Makers (DM)? It is vital that you verify that the appointment is with the Decision Maker not one of his/her subordinates. There’s no point in going through the walkthrough with a person not authorized to make purchasing decisions.

2.    Does the DM have Internet access available for use during the presentation? Since, it’s impossible to do the walkthrough without Internet access, double-check that he/she will have online availability during the scheduled time.

3.    Did you verify that the DM is able to use the phone and Internet at the same time? Some users still use a dial-up connection and only have one line for both the Internet and the phone. Since both are essential for the presentation, other arrangements have to be made before an appointment can be scheduled.

4.    Is the prospect financially able to buy a Web site? Pay attention to details like the type of business he has, how long it’s been open, the number of employees and other success indicators to help you determine if he/she has the means to purchase a Web site at the time of the appointment.

5.    Have you asked your prospect what his/her business needs are? This is a crucial step that will help you determine what “Hot Buttons” (or Features and Tools) to emphasize during the walkthrough that will help sell the site. Type them in the “Notes” section of your sales calendar so your Web Specialist will know what features to highlight to add value to the sale.

6.    Did you schedule the appointment at a time when the DM can give you 45 minutes to an hour of his/her undivided attention? Please inform your client before you schedule the appointment that you need 45 minutes to an hour to give a complete presentation and answer any questions.

7.    Before the appointment, did you make sure that the demo site is up and activated; the contact information is correct and the site’s skin is related the prospect’s business? All it takes is a typo or the wrong contact information to lose valuable credibility with your customer.

8.    Did you confirm the appointment with your client the day before its scheduled date? It’s very important to verify the time and date of the appointment with your client as a courtesy reminder and also to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.

9.     Did you remember to set your desired sales price in the “Notes” section? Always include this  information in your Sales Calendar. It gives your Product Specialist a good idea of what your price range is so they can negotiate accordingly.


Give it to them straight.

Business users researching products online are less inclined to buy if the site is drenched in marketing “hype”. Topping the list of major complaints are annoying popups, spam and weak content.


"Get to the point in the first couple of paragraphs of the content and give me real world examples," says Scott Van Camp, editorial director for the CMO Council.


In short, to maximize your online appeal, make sure your site is informative, easy to navigate and as gimmick-free as possible. Don’t underestimate the sophistication-level of on-line users. Serious buyers are looking for accurate information quickly and easily and aren’t willing to wade through promotional fluff to find it. They’ll simply go elsewhere. The bottom line is if you want to increase your sales, keep your site lean and clean.


The Top 10 Ecommerce Mistakes:

1.      Weak Web site design – You get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. With a little bit of planning, you can wow them with a truly outstanding Web site that will be on the “Favorites” list of all your customers.

2.      Confusing site – Can you tell right away what your site is about? Can your customers find what they need quickly and easily?  Arrange your content in a logical, organized manner and make sure that every link is accessible.

3.      User UN-friendly – Don’t push away customers with a confusing navigational structure? If you ask too many personal questions or make it too difficult to order, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere more user-friendly to spend their money.

4.      No marketing plan – To be able to compete, you need to be found. In order to do that, you need to have a strong marketing strategy. The Internet offers a virtual cornucopia of inexpensive, effective ways to advertise. In fact, it’s one place where small businesses can actually compete with large ones. So do your homework and see what’s out there so you can develop the best marketing strategy for your site. 

5.      Poor Customer Service – One of the quickest ways to lose customers is by providing poor customer service. Bad word-of-mouth can bury a business fast. Don’t neglect your existing customer database in your quest for new sales. Court them both. Address any customer issues with decorum, fairness and in a timely manner. Customer loyalty equals success.

6.      Inventory doesn’t translate well online – Some products are easier to sell in real life – so choose your online inventory wisely – spotlighting your most Internet-attractive products/services.

7.      Growing too fast – Many sites grow so fast that they are unable to keep up with their orders. Don’t let this happen to you. Plan growth in increments so that you can always accommodate your customers’ needs and continue giving them the best service possible.

8.      Slow shipping – Always get your product out to your customer as soon as possible -- while they are still excited about it. Fast shipping is a great, foolproof way to encourage repeat business in a fast-paced world.

9.      Too much variety – Some sites are so diverse that it is distracting to customers. Start out by emphasizing your specialties; work out all the kinks and then slowly build your inventory from there.

10. Poor security – Identity theft is one of the biggest concerns of online users. This is one area you don’t want to cut corners with outdated security procedures. Invest in the best security measures available to protect your customers by keeping theft at a minimum and your customers’ confidence at a high.


Closing thought: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

-- Sun Tzu


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