October 2006 Tip of the Month

The Salesperson vs. the Web site Consultant

Often times, the difference between closing a sale and losing it, simply comes down to the way that you come across to your prospect. Do they see you as a pushy salesperson peddling an unwanted product; or do they see you as the answer to their business needs: their own personal Web site Consultant?

Here are some ways that you can tell the difference. Which one are you?

The Salesperson tries to persuade prospects into doing what he/she wants;
The Consultant educates prospects and helps them make an informed decision that is in their best interest.

The Salesperson focuses on closing the deal;
The Consultant focuses on solving problems and building mutually beneficial relationships.

The Salesperson is too busy trying to impress prospects with his/her knowledge to hear what is important;
The Consultant listens to prospects and understands their problems first.

The Salesperson pushes an unwanted product or service;
The Consultant is a knowledgeable professional who offers valuable advice and services.

The Salesperson is finished with prospects after he/she has made the sale;
The Consultant is always available for his/her customers, even after the deal is closed.



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