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Selling Web sites Resource Center
Welcome -> Selling Web sites
Walkthrough Sample Presentations
Examples what to say during the Walkthrough Presentaion
Follow-Up Appointments that sell Web sites
Tips on how to give a follow-up appointment that sells Web sites
Closing Skills and Techniques
Guidelines to strong closing skills and techniques to help you sell more Web sites
How to do Test Closes when selling Web sites
A breakdown on what Test Closes are and examples of good Test Closes.
How to Overcome Objections when selling a Web site
How to overcome objections when selling Web sites
Features and Benefits
Check out how each feature will benefit you and your customers!
"Setting An Appointment" Sample Presentation
Learn the sure-fire way to set appointments through these sample scripts
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May 2007 Monthly Newsletter
Most Outstanding WebCenter Owners of the Month: Suzanne Duffy and William Trabulsie
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May 2007 Tip of the Month
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